The priest poured sulfuric acid on 7 metropolitans

Panic reigned in the Holy Metropolis of Athens on Wednesday afternoon. The priest, whose name is not disclosed, during the Synodal trial threw a container of sulfuric acid at the judges. Six (according to other sources 7) metropolitans and a guard received chemical burns. The injured were sent to the hospital.

According to the information, six metropolitans were part of the synodal court, which considered the case with the priest. This process took place in parallel with the work of the Permanent Holy Synod, which began today. The aforementioned priest, belonging to the Holy Diocese of Berea, was accused by the Synodal Court of undisclosed violations. His motives remain unknown, but sources say he should have been defrocked.

Suddenly, during the announcement of the verdict, the defendant priest took out a bottle of sulfuric acid and threw it towards the members of the Synodal Court. The bottle broke and doused the judges with acid.

In addition to the metropolitans, a policeman was injured, who heard their voices and rushed to arrest the priest, but while trying to immobilize the attacker he suffered from acid burns. It is also reported that two more people who were in the room where the trial took place were injured.

The offender failed to escape. He was detained by the monastery police and DIAS officers who arrived immediately after the attack on the scene.

According to the first information, the victims who were taken to the hospital have burns to various parts of the body, two of them have serious burns to their faces. It is reported that four of them were taken to Laiko hospital and three to CAT.

According to the Mega TV channel, the victims of the attack were Metropolitan Nikodim of Cassandre, Metropolitan of Arsk, Kallinikos, Metropolitan Andreas of Drinopolis, Metropolitan of Zakynthos, Dionysius IV, Metropolitan Adonios of Glyfada, Metropolitan of Kifissia, Cyrillos.

Health Minister Vasilis Kikilias visited Λαϊκό Νοσοκομείο and KAT hospitals, where the victims are being treated.

According to the latest information, the perpetrator has been arrested and the case has been transferred to the Athens Security Sub-Directorate ELAS.

The data is being specified.

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