The father was beaten, intending to protect the honor of his daughter

Five people are accused of beating a Romanian father in Argos, who went to “deal” with the offenders of his minor daughter.

According to the information, a group of men beat the Romanian, inflicting grievous bodily harm on him. As a result of the fight, the victim was hospitalized in a hospital, and the criminals were detained.

Two of them are charged with grievous bodily harm, and three are accused of participating in a brawl that unfolded in a public market, as a result of which the minor’s father was in critical condition in a Tripoli hospital.

Events 21/06
A showdown leading to assault between a Romanian and a group of local residents took place in a public market area. The father went to demand an answer from those who allegedly “molested his underage daughter.”

As a result, the unfortunate father was seriously injured. According to, the unfortunate beating victim was intubated and is in the neurosurgical clinic of the Panarcadikos Hospital in Tripoli. According to doctors, his health condition remains very grave.

According to the lawyer of one of the five accused Vangelis Lambropoulos: “Unfortunately, the victim is in critical condition, his life is in danger at the moment. This is very sad. “

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