It’s so easy to become a trillionaire …

American Christopher Williamson became a trillionaire overnight, starting with a start-up capital of $ 20.

He invested his $ 20 in cryptocurrency, and when he woke up in the morning, he found that they had transformed into a trillion. A delighted Christopher rushed to cash out a certain amount, but, alas, the Coinbase application, although it confirmed his status as the richest man on the planet, did not agree with this idea and gave an error.

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency trading app that Williamson used to buy / sell it. Having invested only $ 20 in the Rocket Bunny currency, he discovered an increase in this amount 65 billion times, and himself in the role of a trillionaire. The newly minted rich man hospitably invited Coinbase employees on a penguin-shaped mega-yacht, which he set out to buy after receiving the money. He says:

“I know I will never get $ 1 trillion, but I hope that something will come of it.”

And the amount on the trillionaire’s account continues to increase, reaching $ 168 trillion by Monday. Coinbase has finally decided on the answer and confirmed that trillions do not represent the real amount of cryptocurrency Williamson owns. The company was quick to claim the astronomical amount was a “display error,” and employees in California are working to resolve the issue.

The Coinbase press office reported that Williamson is prohibited from withdrawing his funds because the amount in his account is not true. And happiness was so close …

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