Archimandrite was tried for drugs, who poured acid on metropolitans

New shocking details emerge incident, what happened today in the Metropolis of Athens, where the accused priest, dissatisfied with the verdict, threw sulfuric acid into the members of the church court.

As we reported earlier, today in the monastery of Petraki, where the Metropolitanate of Athens is located, a synodal trial was held. The case of a priest from the Diocese of Veria was examined on a drug-related issue.

During the announcement of the verdict, the defendant took out a bottle of sulfuric acid hidden in his clothes and threw it towards the members of the Synodal Court. The caustic liquid got on the hands, clothes and faces of 7 metropolitans and 2 more members of the court.

According to EL.AS sources, the defendant was the 37-year-old Archimandrite Theophylact Kombos, who belongs to the Diocese of Veria.

According to information from police sources, he was arrested in June 2018 for possession of 1.8 grams of cocaine, which he hid under his clothes. According to the priest at the time of his arrest, these were drugs for personal use.

In addition to the metropolitans, a policeman was injured, who heard the noise and tried to arrest the attacker, however, while trying to immobilize the criminal, he himself suffered from burns. It is also reported that two other court officials who were on the premises were injured.

The offender failed to escape. He was detained by the monastery police and DIAS officers who arrived immediately after the attack on the scene.

According to the first information, the victims who were taken to the hospital have burns to various parts of the body, two of them have serious burns to their faces. It is reported that four of them were taken to Laiko hospital and three to CAT. The policeman was taken to the 401st hospital.

According to the Mega TV channel, the victims of the attack were Metropolitan Nikodim of Cassandre, Metropolitan Kallinikos of Arsk, Metropolitan Andreas of Drinopolis, Metropolitan Dionysius IV of Zakynthos, Metropolitan Adonios of Glyfada, Metropolitan Kirillos of Kifissia.

It is reported that the greatest burns were received by Metropolitan Kallinikos of Artins and Metropolitan Kirill of Kifiss. The victims got acid on their faces.

Health Minister Vasilis Kikilias visited Λαϊκό Νοσοκομείο and KAT hospitals, where the victims are being treated. A statement condemning the incident was made by the President of the Republic, Katerina Sakellaropulu.

V. Kikilias: “Tragic event”

“This is a tragic event that we are facing from the first moment the ambulance arrived at the Petraki Monastery,” said Minister of Health Vasilis Kikilias outside the Laiko hospital, where the injured who have been attacked with a caustic liquid are being treated.

Archbishop Jerome: “We Escaped the Worst”

“We have avoided the worst,” said Archbishop Jerome at the Laiko hospital. “The situation is difficult, but we believe that with the help of our doctors, the danger can be overcome. This requires patience and calmness, ”the archbishop said.

Speaking about the attack, he noted that it worries everyone, because the phenomena are unprecedented and it takes the efforts of many parties not to upset the social balance. In conclusion, he thanked the Minister of Health, who immediately arrived at the hospital.

According to the latest information, the perpetrator has been arrested and the case has been transferred to the Athens security subdivision ELAS.

The data is being specified.

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