March 31, 2023

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ΕΛΣΤΑΤ: Highest and Lowest Annual Incomes of Greeks

According to the statistical office ΕΛΣΤΑΤ, the income for 2019, reflected in the previous tax return of citizens, showed a sharp decline.

The highest annual individual income among the population in a low-income country was 6,079 euros.

At the same time, for the population with the highest incomes, the minimum annual individual income was 12,315 euros.

ΕΛΣΤΑΤ bared the face of social inequality
This follows from research and data analysis conducted by ΕΛΣΤΑΤ, in which the population is ranked in ascending order according to their income (lowest to highest), and then divided into four equal parts (based on the total population).

In particular:

The lowest 25% of the population in the 1st quarter represents 10.4% of the total national disposable income, which is a stable percentage compared to 2019. The highest-income 25% of the population in Q4 accounts for 45% of total national disposable income, a percentage that has increased by 0.1 points over 2019. 50% of the population in the 2nd and 3rd quarters with average incomes has 44.6% of national disposable income, down 0.1 points from 2019. …

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