The third dose of the vaccine – when and to whom it will be given

According to experts, the COVID-19 vaccination will not end with two doses. All indications are that there will be more vaccinations.

Matina Pagoni, President of the Athens and Piraeus Hospital Doctors Association, said: “In about a month and a half, instructions will be given to administer the third dose to those who were vaccinated in the first phase.”

Who should be vaccinated with the third dose
Ms Pagony noted that not everyone may need a third dose. Those vaccinated now will need a third dose in about a year.

In addition, the President of the Doctors’ Association reported on the current situation in hospitals. There is an improvement in the coronavirus, but the decline in the number of intubated patients is slow as they require multi-day hospitalization.

The specialist added that the pressure on the Greek healthcare system is still quite large, and not only because of patients with coronavirus, but also the presence of patients with other diseases.

Regarding masks, Matina Pagoni stressed that citizens should wear them, especially in cases of overcrowding, for example, in the lanes of the islands, where, as she stressed, “you do not know who is next to you.”

The expert noted that when the number of vaccinations reaches 80%, citizens will not need to wear masks even indoors.

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