The smell of rot in COVID-19 patients

Many coronavirus survivors smell putrid. What is the reason for this phenomenon, explains Vladimir Zaitsev, an otorhinolaryngologist of the highest category.

To stop smelling is far from the worst thing for people with coronavirus. Much worse when aromas after recovery become a stench… According to a well-known doctor, as reported by RIA Novosti, the smell of rot provokes an inflammatory process in the maxillary sinuses. Coronavirus often causes rhinitis, which leads to this inflammation. Zaitsev explains:

“When inflammation appears there, the mucous membrane not only of the sinuses swells, but also in the anastomosis. <...> The opening is opened, and this stench intensifies, because the sinus becomes more and more inflamed every day.”

In an interview with URA.RU, the specialist noted that gradually, as this hole clears, the putrid smell becomes weaker. However, when it appears, you should not postpone the visit to the doctor so that he can prescribe the appropriate treatment.

But not only such troubles are threatened by COVID-19. Alena Zagrebneva, chief rheumatologist of the Moscow Department of Health, said that coronavirus often causes lupus, arthritis, and half myositis. In this case, joint diseases can occur after any form of the disease – both after a severe and after a mild course of the disease.

Experts state that many patients with Covid-19 lose their sense of smell for a certain period. After recovery, it returns, but some suddenly discover that many familiar things smell differently, and previously pleasant smells, such as food, soap or the smell of loved ones, turn out to be unpleasant and, ultimately, harmful to themselves. The number of patients with these symptoms is increasing, but scientists still do not know why this is happening and how to deal with it.

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