“Expiration date” of the spine

The spine, joints, cartilage and tendons of a person have a certain uptime, the so-called warranty, which is approximately 35-45 years.

Time is ruthless. “Nothing lasts forever under the moon,” Shakespeare said, and this expression fully refers to the period of impeccable service of the skeletal system of our body. Under the influence of age-related changes – metabolic and circulatory disorders, intoxication – problems gradually appear. The timing of their occurrence also depends on how carefully we treat our body and, in particular, the spine.

Even a slight pathological change in the spine or an excessive load on it causes a disruption in the normal functioning of the entire department. There is an indentation or displacement of blood vessels and nerves, and sometimes compression of the spinal cord.

Everyone can prolong the impeccable service of the spine. To do this, you just need to take care of it. For example, in a standing position, the static load on the spine increases; in a sitting position, it decreases. But only if the person sits correctly, creating a comfortable position for the spinal column, ligaments, joints. Undoubtedly, this is sometimes difficult to do. In this case, you should periodically change the position of the body, every 40-50 minutes to arrange short breaks with the implementation of the simplest exercises.

Gymnastics, yoga, race walking, swimming, fitball are excellent helpers in the prevention of back problems and even treatment at certain stages of the development of the problem. Sports activities help to prevent the development of pathology of the musculoskeletal system, eliminate pain due to muscle hypertonicity and in case of incorrect position of the spine, correct posture, prevent joint diseases, and optimize metabolic processes.

In the presence of pathological problems with the spine, muscles and joints, manual therapy shows excellent results (not to be confused with massage). The chiropractor acts on the cause of the pathology and is often able to completely get rid of the existing problem and its painful manifestations.

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