Belgium: with a machine gun against virologists

In Belgium, 46-year-old sniper Jurgen Konings escaped from the barracks with an arsenal of weapons to deal with the country’s chief virologist. After a month of intensive search, he was found dead.

For more than a month, Belgian Rambo managed to hide from the authorities, writes The Spectator Index on Twitter. On May 17, shooting instructor Koning left the barracks, taking a machine gun, 4 anti-tank missile launchers and a bulletproof vest. Jurgen said that due to COVID-19 he intends to destroy virologists. The Belgian security services put him on a wanted list with a “serious threat” mark.

The fanatic’s main target was Mark Van Ranst, Belgium’s leading virologist. On the day that he escaped from the barracks, the sniper waited for the professor for three hours near his house. Van Rast had to take refuge with his family in a shelter where the police took him. He wrote on social networks that threats did not scare him and noted that rejection of quarantine measures and vaccinations often accompanies racism and praise of violence.

For a month, the authorities were unable to locate the wanted Koning. On futile searches, 650 thousand euros of taxpayer funds were spent: on the use of an NH90 attack helicopter, armored vehicles and additional payments for soldiers for service on the weekend.

On June 20, The Spectator Index posted a post: “Belgian soldier Jurgen Konings, accused of ultra-right extremism and wanted, found dead.”

In one of the letters left by Jurgen Konings before his death, he writes: “I can no longer live in a society where politicians and virologists have taken everything from us.”

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