The cleaning lady reported rape

The shock was caused by the information that the cleaning lady of an apartment building in Petralona was raped by a man, who was locked in his apartment for several hours.

As one of the witnesses, who rushed to the aid of the victim of violence, said on the air of ANT1, when she managed to free herself, while a cleaning lady in an apartment building was cleaning the elevator, a man left his apartment, grabbed her and dragged her inside, where he held from 10 to 16 hours.

As a resident of the house said: “I saw a woman who was very upset, beaten and scared, and asked for help. She told me: “Help, save me.” Pointing to the man who was next to her, she said: “He raped and beat me.”

“We took her away, took her to the apartment opposite and called the police,” a witness to the incident said, adding that there was a possibility that there was a second person in the apartment who took part in the abuse of the unfortunate victim of violence.

A neighbor noted that the woman had “bruises and beatings.” After the victim was taken to the hospital, it turned out that she also had a broken rib.

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