Canceling masks

We are expected to stop wearing masks outdoors soon, as noted by Panayiotis Arkumaneas, President of the National Public Health Organization (EODY).

He said, speaking at the SKAI 100.3 radio station, that in the near future there will be benefits for vaccinated citizens. At the same time, according to professor of hygiene and epidemiology and committee member Christos Hadzihristodoulos, “The vaccinated will enter the premises or attend mass events without masks when the state is technically ready. Presumably in a month. “

The vaccinated will be allowed into closed rooms, which will be put into operation in the fall, when many activities will begin to be transferred to the halls.

According to, in addition to access to restaurants, cafes and bars, the vaccinated will have free access to cultural events such as concerts, theaters and cinemas, and stadiums.

Green light for mandatory vaccination of healthcare workers and nursing home workers

Last Friday, a recommendation from the National Bioethics and Technoethics Committee was released regarding the mandatory vaccination of certain health professional groups. It was posted on the committee’s website and reads:

“The National Committee on Bioethics and Technoethics has considered the issue of the possibility of compulsory vaccination of doctors and medical personnel, as well as all those who work in medical institutions (in the public and private sector) or in structures for the care of vulnerable groups of the population (the elderly, the disabled, etc. .), at the request of the Prime Minister.

Pay attention to:

scientific data and studies published so far for approved vaccines, vaccination data for specific occupational groups in Greece, principles of autonomy, benefit and no harm, proportionality principle, legal aspect of the problem.

The Commission proposes a “scalable initiative” approach by the government in three phases:
a) Targeted information and awareness campaigns for voluntary vaccination based on scientific evidence, adapted for each occupational group (doctors, nurses, laboratories, service personnel, etc.), which are constantly updated, subject to prior understanding and general perception.

b) Measures of incentives / restrictions that the state could plan and implement in cooperation with the administration of medical centers.

c) Mandatory provision as a last resort, which should have a specific time horizon and only apply if previous measures did not lead to a significant increase in the number of vaccinations.

Finally, the commission emphasizes that over time, reluctance to vaccinate against COVID-19, both for specific occupational groups and for the general population, is decreasing, as shown by daily data.

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