Shocking details of the assassin pilot’s confession: I wanted to destroy her body

After 37 days of improvisation and “acting” in front of all of Greece, Babis Anagnostopoulos, the murderer of unfortunate Caroline, his wife and the mother of their child, “broke down” and confessed to a cruel crime committed in the family home in Glyka Nera.

The police took the criminal directly from Alonissos to GADA (General Police Headquarters in Athens). The pilot was reportedly deceived into Athens. He was told that “the police have a suspect to be identified.”

In GADA, the pilot was interrogated. The “conversation” lasted for 24 hours, after which, backed against the wall by irrefutable evidence, the killer confessed to the crime.

According to police sources, from the first moment of the murder, a group of police officers were involved in the person of Babis Anagnostopoulos. These are people whom he was able (in his opinion) to mislead by presenting a version of the robbery, and inwardly laughed at them.

The same police sources report that the police developed a relationship of trust with the pilot, which ultimately helped “fill in the gaps” and complete the gruesome picture of the crime with the real culprit.

According to police sources, in the first part of the interrogation of the pilot who killed his wife, the investigator asked “if he would like to say anything more.”

Babis began to talk about his relationship with Caroline, their acquaintance, the sequel and the problems the couple had recently.

The same information says that the killer of the unfortunate Caroline said that his wife had one unsuccessful pregnancy, and then the second came, as a result of which their daughter was born.

According to the killer Caroline, the young mother developed postpartum depression. At that moment, the police pretended to understand him, and even described their problems with their wives in order to “talk” the person being interrogated.

At that moment, he, seemingly forgotten, told what really happened that night in their house in Glyka Nera. “We quarreled again for some minor reason. I was playing with my daughter when my wife suddenly started yelling at me that I was not so careful … and then she said that the child is not mine and he has a different father. After that, Caroline with a stone face went up to the second floor (mezzanine). Her unchanging phrase was “we are parting, and I am leaving with the child.”

The pilot claimed that several times he went up to the second floor, and then went down again, thinking that in this way he showed weakness in a quarrel with his wife, and he would not like this. However, the only thing he wanted was a “quiet family life.”

Babis killed Caroline on May 11 at 4:11 am. This moment was recorded by the “smart watch” that was on the hand of the murdered woman and automatically stopped recording Caroline’s pulse.

In detail (the revelations, according to the police, were terrifying), the pilot told how he killed Caroline, and what followed, how he created the “robbery scenario”, which he adhered to for 37 days. After the murder, he even hung the dog on the stairs to make the robbery more plausible. There was no money in the house, and he just came up with the idea that “the thieves stole 10,000 euros.”

The man also made a mess in the house, staging a robbery, burglary. Using a screwdriver, he removed the window frame and threw it inside the house.

After completing the impression of an “imaginary robbery invasion,” he tried to tie himself, wrapped tape around his face, called the police to keep his voice muffled, and then tied himself up again for a while, until the police arrived.

How the police managed to “split” the criminal
The key element that led to his confession was the turn of events around their 11 month old baby and his relationship with Caroline.

Also important was the fact that the police told Babis that they now have at their disposal the SMS that he exchanged with Caroline on that tragic night. Messages, the style and essence of which led to the “end of the family showdown” shortly after midnight on May 11.

Last night at 21:00 he signed a confession. After apologizing, he contacted two police psychologists. According to, the pilot confessed to them that he had a plan to “destroy his wife’s body.”

According to preliminary information, the killer faces life imprisonment, which in Greece means 25 years in prison. Although, after serving part of the term, he may be released.

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