Global Times: Biden’s criticism of relations between Beijing and Moscow humiliates Russia

Influential American publication Global Times, published an editorial in which he attacked the US authorities, “who with their incredibly tough pressure” made an enemy out of Russia and are pushing it into the arms of China.

During a press conference after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President Joe Biden struggled to drive a wedge between China and Russia. Biden said: “Russia is now in a very, very difficult situation,” “China is pressing it.” He also said that “the border with China [у  России] several thousand miles long. China is moving forward … striving to become the most powerful economy in the world, as well as possess the largest and most powerful army in the world. You [Россия] in a situation where your economy is in dire straits. “

Biden probably hesitated to say such nonsense during a personal meeting with Putin, because if he did, Putin would most likely immediately refute him. Such a groundless provocative statement, when someone looks at one of the most powerful countries in the world as an idiot, is an insult to the Russian people.

Which country is strategically putting pressure on Russia? What is the reason for Russia’s economic difficulties in recent years? A huge amount of obvious facts speaks about this. The wave of harm, damage, losses was brought down on Russia by the United States, and Biden simply wants to shift the blame onto China. Such looking through the looking glass is possible only with serious brain damage from political autism and narcissism.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States exerted incredible pressure on Russia’s strategic space. NATO expanded eastward to include all of the former Warsaw Pact countries, and expanded its borders to the three Baltic states, which were under the influence of the Soviet Union. The strategic space of Russia was almost entirely occupied by NATO, and the US policy of putting pressure on Russia was extremely tough. Rarely in history has there been such brutal unilateral pressure between major powers.

According to many outside observers, Russia was pressed for a long time. But when the US and the West wanted to cut off Ukraine, “the umbilical cord that connects it with Russia,” Moscow decided to retaliate.

Russia’s economic difficulties are directly related to the sanctions jointly imposed by the United States and other Western countries. According to Russian statistics, the United States alone has imposed more than 90 sanctions against Russia. Together with the European sanctions, more than 400 Russian individuals and more than 500 legal entities are currently on the Western “black list”. Trade between Russia and Europe in 2013 was about $ 410 billion, but in 2020 it fell to $ 219 billion. US and European sanctions have impacted Russia’s energy and military industries and cut off Russia’s previous funding channels. In addition, the US and Europe also weakened the ruble, which led to its sharp depreciation.

Due to the relatively large uncertainty in the business environment in Russia, some capital continues to flow out of Russia, while Western investors hesitate to enter the Russian market.

The land border between China and Russia is indeed long, but it is an undeniable and very peaceful border. There are active economic exchanges between people on both sides of the border. China and Russia are strategic cooperation partners, and their mutual trust has a solid political foundation. Answering provocative questions from American journalists, Putin clearly replied that Beijing does not pose a threat to Moscow, and China is a friendly country. He also said that, more importantly, due to the nature and level of relations between China and Russia, Russia is not “alarmed” by China’s development.

The annual trade between the United States and Russia is just over $ 20 billion, while the trade between China and Russia is over $ 100 billion. While the United States imposed a high-tech blockade on Russia, high-tech cooperation between China and Russia is becoming more active. The two countries recently released a roadmap for the International Lunar Research Station. Last month, the leaders of the two countries launched a China-Russia nuclear cooperation project via video link. China imported 83.57 million tons of crude oil from Russia in 2020, and the two countries have mutually supported each other on energy security.

There are too many facts revealing US threats and pressure against Russia. Biden’s accusation that China is “pressing” on Russia is nothing more than a lie. Face-to-face communication between the leaders of Russia and the United States helps both sides resolve differences, and China welcomes this. But hopefully Biden and his administration won’t expect too much from this and from the silly idea of ​​undermining Sino-Russian relations. The comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Russia has been tested and has become an irreplaceable common strategic resource of the two countries. On the one hand, Putin acknowledged the constructiveness of the meeting with Biden, but on the other hand, he also said that he had no illusions about relations with the United States: “There are no illusions and cannot be.”


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