Elliniko: 7 abandoned planes put up for auction

A court decision has been passed, which concerns seven abandoned aircraft. They are located on the territory of the former Elliniko airport and will now be put up for auction.

The union of former Olympic airways employees sought to fit within the designated area for exhibiting aircraft as museum pieces. However, Hellenic SA went to court for permission to auction these seven aircraft, which had been abandoned for decades on the territory of the former airport. This statement was discussed at a hearing at the Magistrate’s Court of Athens on May 26, 2021, and on June 18, 2021, a court decision was made under the number 124/2021. After that, the company can start the process of starting the auction.

Among the seven aircraft are the decommissioned Boeing 747 leviathan aircraft, as well as several other aircraft, including small two-seat single-engine aircraft. The planes are reportedly owned by the Olympic Airways Trade Union Cultural Center, or POLKEOA, founded in 1989, with plans to establish a civil aviation museum in Greece. The government in a letter to POLKEOA in early February asked him to help solve the problem, but to no avail.

It is worth noting that over the three decades of its existence, POLKEOA has collected, with the exception of seven aircraft, about 23,000 exhibits (from flight simulators to instruments and old work uniforms). Detail: in 2018, under the government of A. Tsipras, the Central Council of Modern Monuments made a decision that satisfied the request of POLKEOA to assign three of the seven aircraft the status of “mobile modern monuments”.

Recallthat the concession agreement sets out a condition for Lamda Development: to receive real estate and start investments, while paying the state the cost of the first installment of 300 million euros in order to become the full owner of the territory. Hellenic SA described the stay of the seven aircraft as arbitrary, as there was no owner’s consent.

In fact, Lamda Development does not need aircraft, which means that they are likely to go into the hands of companies that process recycled materials in the form of metal.

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