Catering establishments: first signs of recovery

Catering companies managed to “collect” more than 200 million euros in the first month after opening, despite the fact that the restart after the lockdown was carried out with significant restrictions, some of which are still in force.

Turnover was also high for catering, although in April it continued to provide not only delivery and pick-up services, but also accommodation. In total, the turnover of companies, and not only those suspended, increased in April 2021, compared to March 2021, by half a billion euros.

According to data released yesterday by the Statistical Office of Greece (ELSTAT), in April 2021, the total turnover of companies that are required to submit data on a monthly basis amounted to 20.42 billion euros against 19.92 billion euros in March 2021 and compared to 14.35 billion. euros in April 2020. The increase in trade by about 6 billion euros in April this year, compared to last year, is due to the fact that in April 2020, the country was in a period of tough isolation.

For companies that have been partially suspended due to quarantine, ELSTAT data shows that their turnover in April 2021 was 880.36 million euros, compared with 500.65 million euros in March 2021 and 273.21 million euros in April 2020.

Retail turnover amounted to 538.10 million euros in April 2021, an increase of 191.6% compared to April 2020. It also saw a significant increase over March this year, when retail stores were still closed (retail resumed operations on April 5), a month in which turnover was set at € 306.49 million. In other words, retail turnover increased in April compared to March by 75.6% or by 231.61 million euros.

The turnover of catering establishments was 54.45 million euros, compared with 48.55 million euros in March 2021 and only 27.9 million euros in April 2020. Significant growth, despite the fact that tourism was blocked in the accommodation sector. In April 2021, the turnover of this sector amounted to 33.14 million euros against 25 million euros in March 2020.

The turnover of the gambling industry was 185 million euros, compared to 41.34 million euros in March 2021. This growth is due to the fact that OPAP agencies reopened on April 12.

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