British media on the confession of a Greek pilot in the murder of his wife

“I Killed Her” was the headline of the British media today. The dramatic events in Glick Nehra have become topic # 1 – discussed and shocking.

Back in May, the British press widely covered the events and believed that it would be quite difficult to find the criminals who killed the young mother. Indeed, the Greek police have done a tremendous job of sifting through the evidence and gradually narrowing down the suspects. Yesterday’s confession of 32-year-old Babis Anagnostopoulos, who cracked down on 20-year-old Caroline, is the logical result of a scrupulous investigation.

The Sun covers the pilot’s confession and the motive for the crime: “A Greek husband confessed to killing British wife Caroline Kraut after she threatened to leave with their child by suffocating her with a pillow in front of her child during an argument.”

The Mirror writes: “A Greek husband admitted to killing a 20-year-old British mother in front of their only 11-month-old daughter, police said.”

British Daily Mail: “Husband admitted to killing British wife Caroline by suffocating with a pillow in front of her child. He confessed after smartwatch destroyed his alibi.

Indeed, the key to solving the crime, according to the Daily Mail, was a smartwatch that shattered the criminal’s alibi. A fitness tracker strapped to Caroline Crouch’s wrist revealed that her heart stopped beating at least an hour before the predawn robbery that Anagnostopoulos told police about. The 33-year-old helicopter pilot confessed after a 6-hour interrogation by Greek police investigating Caroline’s death on May 11 at their home near Athens.

The murderer husband is currently in custody awaiting prosecution over the weekend. The confession of Babis Anagnostopoulos completes the investigation, which lasted almost a month. The authorities declared the crime “almost perfect murder” – there was not a single piece of evidence left by the killer.

Greek husband Caroline Crouch confessed to her murder in front of a child because she threatened to leave him with the baby. But he did it after a 6-hour interrogation and after the police denied the existence of the alleged intrusion into the house of strangers and robbery. For 6 hours, Caroline’s husband tried to convince the police of his innocence, explaining what happened on that fateful night. However, the stated version did not convince the guards, who discovered gaps and inconsistencies in his testimony. Shortly before 21:30, the man could not stand it and confessed to a crime… He was arrested and taken to the prosecutor.

In the first unofficial statement that her husband made to the authorities, as reported by ERT, a civil aviation pilot said that at about 4:30 a.m., three hooded men who spoke Greek with an accent entered their house, breaking a window at the back of the cottage. … The intruders then handcuffed him to a chair and began ransacking the house. He managed to move while being tied up, he turned on his mobile phone (!) And called the police.

Smartwatch readings were decisive in this case, but the cruel criminal could not foresee everything.

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