Biden got rid of American journalists

At a meeting with reporters after the US-Russia summit in Geneva, the American president cursed, ignored and criticized representatives of the American media.

First, Joe Biden had a fight at a press conference with the American journalist, White House CNN chief correspondent Caitlin Collins, who did not see any constructiveness at the last meeting. When asked about this question, the American president answered quite sharply: “If you do not understand this, you are doing the wrong thing.” True, Biden later apologized to the journalist, RIA Novosti reports, noting that “he shouldn’t have been such a smart guy.”

Then the American leader spoke sharply about the media in his home country and not only. He criticized their negativity about the meeting with the Russian president. According to Biden, he understands why this is happening – for a good report you need to be negative, so journalists do not ask positive questions, but work in a negative way.

Another rejection of the president was caused by the question of his confidence in the head of the Russian Federation. At first he ignored it, and then said: “Listen, it’s not about trust, but about your own interests and the verification of your own interests. That’s what it’s about. ” According to the American leader, he did not speak about the confidence that the Russian president will change his behavior.

Earlier, the journalist reported that “Russian media workers were not accredited to the press conference of US President Joe Biden” – the employee who was supposed to accredit media workers did not respond to requests sent by journalists.

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