USA: 15-month-old baby dies of dehydration and hunger

The death of a baby in Tennessee (USA) turned out to be terrible – he died tied in a car seat from dehydration and hunger, and his 3-year-old sister tried but could not save him.

The shocking death, which was preceded by the torment of the crumbs, was the result of the death of the 32-year-old mother of the children, Tiffany Spears, from an overdose (methamphetamine and fentanyl, as shown by an autopsy) in their common home. The tied baby could not move, there was no one to drink and feed him.

The medical examiner described the deaths of the mother and son as accidents, clarifying that before the police discovered them, Spears had been dead for several days due to an overdose. According to the Daily Mail, it is unclear how many days little Nicholas was dead before the arrival of law enforcement officers, but the cause of death is indicated by dehydration and hunger.

The 3-year-old sister of the deceased child was also in the house, she was found alive. Judging by the shells and dried pieces of eggs on the floor around the chair, the baby was trying to feed her brother.

The bailiff found the deceased woman, who saw the locked house and, looking through the window, found a woman and a little girl lying motionless. The police who came to the call found the mother on the bathroom floor and the boy tied to the car seat. Drugs were found in the house. The girl who survived was hospitalized.

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