The wonderful beaches of Thesprotia in a short video

The wonderful beaches of Thesprotia are a very unusual tourist destination worth discovering.

For most people, Thesprotia (Θεσπρωτία) is not the first vacation destination that comes to mind when they start thinking about a summer vacation, but in recent years, the beauty of the region has attracted more and more nature lovers. Although most of it, about 70%, is covered with mountains, there are fabulous beaches “for every taste”.

In Thesprotia you can find beaches with sand or pebbles, endless long coastal strips, as well as cozy little and quiet coves, organized or deserted. All of them have one thing in common: the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea.

From the coastline of Strovili, close to the border, to the Perdika area and the remote beach of Prama Mali, the coastline of Thesprotia is characterized by beaches that are surrounded by cliffs. Some of them are relatively difficult to access, but they are worth exploring.

The “star” of the prefecture, if you can call it that, is Bella Vraka beach (Μπέλλα Βράκα), with white sand, which essentially connects Sivota (Σύβοτα) with the small island of Murtemenos (Μουρτεμένο).

Further Mikri and Megali Ammos are some of the most popular beaches in the prefecture, as well as Plastaria, Karavostasi and Drepano. Lovers of tiny coves are attracted by Agia Paraskevi, Kamini and Kokkinos Vrahos.

Finally, lovers of camping and the most relaxed (without any program) vacation can visit the beaches of Divany, Nautilus and Kalami (παραλίες Σοφάς, Ναυτίλος και Καλάμι).

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