Sensation: the husband-pilot of the murdered in Glyka Nera Caroline confessed to the murder of his wife

The husband of the murdered 20-year-old Caroline, a 32-year-old pilot, half an hour ago confessed to the murder of his child’s wife and mother. He was detained and will be taken to the prosecutor’s office.

In the course of the investigation of the brutal crime, the police received new information and wanted to interrogate the husband of the murdered woman again. After today’s memorial service on Alonissos, the man was taken to the Office of Murder Investigation.

For 6 hours, Caroline’s husband tried to convince the police of his innocence, explaining what happened on that fateful night. However, the stated version did not convince the guards, who discovered gaps and inconsistencies in his testimony. Shortly before 21:30, the man broke down and confessed to the crime. He was arrested and taken to the prosecutor.

Explaining his actions, the man said that he and his wife often quarreled, and she was going to leave him, taking the child. This became the main motive for the deed. When asked why he was lying all this time and inventing non-existent events, the man said: “Because of the child.”

In the first unofficial statement that her husband made to the authorities, as reported by ERT, a civil aviation pilot toldthat at about 4:30 in the morning, three hooded men who spoke with an accent in Greek entered their house, breaking a window at the back of the cottage. The intruders then handcuffed him to a chair and began ransacking the house. He managed to move while being tied up, he turned on his mobile phone (!) And called the police.

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