September 22, 2023

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KKE: this anti-labor law will remain on paper!

The Communist Party of Greece spoke out harshly against the adopted on June 17 labor reform law… And if some provisions, mainly those concerning the inclusion of directives and conventions of the International Labor Office, received the approval of SYRIZA, ΚΙΝΑΛ, MERA25 and Ελληνική Λύση, then the KKE voted against the principle, articles and the bill as a whole.

The appeal of the Greek Communist Party regarding the adoption of the law states the following. The parliamentary group of the KKE all these days, during the debates in parliament, criticized the anti-labor provisions of the bill, revealing its class character, which expresses the interests of capital. The General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece D. Kutsumbas from the rostrum of the parliament dwelled on the mechanism of exploitation of workers, strengthened by this bill, which increases the daytime working time to 10 hours on the basis of the signing of individual contracts between the employee and the employer.

The General Secretary of the Central Committee of the KKE also referred to the provisions of the law that strike a blow at collective agreements, facilitate dismissals, and also infringe on the right to strike, trade union activity in general, stressing that all these measures were developed in the EU and are already being implemented in many of its member countries. … At the end of his speech in parliament, D. Kutsumbas said:

“The anti-labor bill that you are preparing to pass today, according to the Minister of Labor, is a“ modern age ”bill! If so, why then do working conditions take us back a hundred years, turning workers into slaves of the 21st century? Why do working conditions provide for increased rather than reduced working hours, work from morning to night, harassment of union activities and strikebreaking? In the modern era of high development of technology and science, modern is the reduction of working hours, modern is the 7-hour working day, 5-day, 35-hour working week. It is modern to provide everyone with work, satisfactory wages and rights, and not a return to working conditions in the Middle Ages. This is why your ugly bill will remain on paper, like many other previous unjust laws. ”

At the same time, mass rallies took place throughout Greece against the anti-labor bill, in which tens of thousands of demonstrators took part. Protest actions took place not only in the morning, but also in the afternoon. Dimitris Kutsumbas, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the KKE, and the entire parliamentary group of the party, as well as members of the European Parliament from the KKE, took part in the mass rally, which took place outside the parliament building. Speaking at the rally, Nikos Mavrokefalos, member of the Executive Secretariat of the All-Working Combat Front (PAME) and the Athens Work Center Directorate, noted, among other things:

“The government thinks that it will get rid of workers and trade unions, that tomorrow it will present this bill to its partners in the EU in order to receive another 60 billion euros, which will go to support entrepreneurial groups and will be added to the 240 billion euros debt heaped on the shoulders of workers. and people. It thinks that workers will sit idly by in the face of increased exploitation by entrepreneurial groups ”(…)“ We tell them that this will not work for them. The working people have strength, and by their struggle they can send this bill into the dustbin of history. Therefore, we do not end the struggle there. Today we are starting it. From tomorrow and every day, we must all work in trade unions, we must all fight to meet our modern needs in accordance with scientific progress and labor productivity. “

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