Jennifer Aniston’s smoothie recipe

The secret of her favorite breakfast, cocktail (smoothie), was revealed by the American actress of Greek origin Jennifer Aniston. The drink, taken in the morning, gives her energy and strength. Let’s try and we.

Jennifer Aniston has been in the spotlight for the past 30 years, starring, in addition to her beloved TV series Filaraki, in romantic comedies that are so beloved by the public. It can be noted that the Hollywood star is still in great shape.

And while she no longer follows strict diets or food rules, the yoga enthusiast is still betting on a healthy lifestyle.

The actress shared her favorite smoothie, which she usually drinks in the morning. Thus, she manages to keep herself in shape throughout a hard and busy day, especially during filming.

Curiously, the cocktail contains … chocolate! Once you read what the drink is made of, you might get the impression that this is just a rich chocolate milkshake and not a healthy smoothie at all! And yet it is so.

What Aniston Smoothie contains

1 cup of chocolate almond milk tea 1 cup frozen cherries 1 scoop vegan protein powder, cocoa powder 1/2 tablespoon maca powder (not to be confused with poppy seeds!) 1/4 tablespoon micronutrient supplement. 1/2 frozen banana A handful of berries. 2-3 drops of Stevia chocolate. 5 almonds. Ice cubes.

How to make an Aniston smoothie
When it comes to making a cocktail, there are no particular subtleties to watch out for. However, the glamorous Hollywood star recommends putting the liquid ingredients in a blender first before adding the solid ingredients. Then mix everything until smooth. Serve in a tall glass with ice cubes.

Bon Appetit! Health and vigor for the whole day!

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