The insidiousness of the coronavirus: the mask caused the death of a cashier in an American supermarket

A dispute over a medical mask between a customer and a supermarket cashier caused the latter’s death in the United States.

The incident took place in the state of Georgia, in a trading establishment in De Kalb County. The conflict resulted in one dead and two wounded, the Bureau of Investigation reports on its website:

“Buyer Victor Lee Tucker had a fight with the cashier over his face mask. Tucker left the store without making a purchase, but returned immediately. Tucker went straight to the checkout, pulled out his pistol and shot at the cashier. “

But the offender did not stop there – he switched his weapon to the guard, a shootout began, during which both men were injured. The second cashier was also wounded. While trying to escape, the offender was detained by the police. Tucker Lee and the supermarket guard were taken to the hospital, the second cashier did not need hospitalization – he was helped on the spot. The guard served 30 years with the DiCalba Police Department and is currently the county’s deputy sheriff.

County Sheriff Melody Maddox said at a press conference at a press conference that there were other shoppers at the Big Bear supermarket at about 1:00 pm, according to AMPE:

“They fought over the mask. I don’t know if they wore it or not. Everyone has their own opinion about the use of the mask, currently this issue is delicate. The guard survived thanks to the bulletproof vest. “

In Georgia, retail staff may require a mask from buyers. But, in accordance with the decree of Governor Brian Kemp, they have no right to insist on this.

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