Harassment Punishment: Petros Philippidis is expelled from the Greek Actors Association

Following the meeting of the disciplinary commission of the Greek Actors Association (Πειθαρχικού Συμβουλίου ΣΕΗ), Petros Philippidis and Pavlos Haykalis will be expelled from the guild after complaints that caused shock in the field of theatrical art.

According to newsbreak.gr, the disciplinary council of the Greek Chamber of Commerce and Industry, chaired by Paschalis Tsaruchas, unanimously decided to permanently remove Petros Philippidis, who is accused of rape and two more attempts. Those accused of sexual harassment are expected to be investigated shortly.

Recall that, in particular, Petros Filippidis was accused of sexual harassment and threats against Anna Maria Papaharalambus, Penelope Anastassopoulou and Lena Drosaki.

As for the case of Pavlos Haykalis, who was also accused of sexual harassment by four of his female colleagues, he was not prosecuted due to the fact that the “statute of limitations” for the crimes committed had expired. The ΣΕΗ disciplinary committee will reportedly review the actor’s future (whether to keep him in the Professional Actors Guild or not).

It is expected that ΣΕΗ will make official announcements as soon as the final decision on Pavlos Haykalis is made.

As “Russian Athens” previously wrote, the Association of Greek Actors filed an application against Petros Filippidis with the prosecutor’s office, in the context of the investigation of the Greek #me_too (harassment, sexual harassment in the workplace).

The first applicant reportedly told the prosecutor that she was raped by an actor in 2008 in a theater when she went there to find a job.

The second woman revealed that she was sexually assaulted by a famous actor in 2010, in his dressing room. According to her, they met in the theater to discuss professional issues, and he dragged her into the dressing room, making an attempt to rape. However, the woman desperately resisted (it came to a fight), and she managed to avoid the worst.

The third victim claims that in 2014, after a business meeting, the actor kindly offered to take her home in his car. The girl agreed. However, the attacker took her to a secluded place and tried to rape her.

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