Clean beaches in one "cry"

The Ministry of Tourism has taken an important step by starting to update the highly useful official EOT Visit Greece App to include a list of 545 Blue Flag beaches across Greece.

Considering that Greece is ranked 2nd in the world among 49 countries for the total number of Blue Flag beaches (“Γαλάζιων Σημαιών”), adding the corresponding list to the Visit Greece application was deemed absolutely necessary, as highlighted in the statement. Now each user of the application will be able to receive all the information necessary for planning trips and recreation along the entire length of the coast of Greece, directly, easily choosing directions from the appropriate catalog in the application “Visit Greece”.

We remind you that the assignment of the “Blue Flag” to any beach takes place after a rigorous assessment and is valid for 12 months. Blue Flags are posted on beaches that meet 33 different criteria that relate to swimmer safety, cleanliness, organization, information, coastal and coastal protection, environmental awareness activities, and more.

However, the predominant criterion for “blue flags” is the cleanliness of the sea area: beaches are accepted exclusively with “excellent” water quality.

Since the “Blue Flag” is actually a guarantee of the highest quality, it is widely used as an indicator of the choice of a destination by both tourism organizations, “tour operators” and individual tourists. Thus, access to a list of 545 Greek Blue Flag beaches further contributes to the promotion of Greece as an attractive and safe destination, especially for foreign visitors who prefer seaside holidays.

The Visit Greece App is an initiative of the Ministry of Tourism and EOT and was developed in collaboration with Mastercard, Eurobank and Warply. It is the most useful digital tool for visitors to Greece, as it provides complete information for tourists in real time (including showing the epidemiological situation) and, of course, instructions on Covid-19.

Visit Greece is available for free in the App Store and Google Play.

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