Turkey: death of Ukrainian model in Istanbul, boyfriend arrested

As a result of falling from the fifth floor of a residential complex on June 11, a Ukrainian model died. A Turkish trainer is suspected of involvement in her death.

Angelica Srabyants, a 33-year-old native of Sumy, lived in Istanbul with her boyfriend, dog trainer Burak Ercan. After a quarrel with him, the girl fell from the balcony of the five-story building. As a result of serious injuries, the model died in an ambulance.

On that ill-fated evening, Burak and Angelica dined in a restaurant. Returning home in a taxi, the couple quarreled out of jealousy. The girl hit her boyfriend and cut his eyebrow. Surveillance cameras recorded how the young people entered the elevator. The course of further events is outlined by Burak. He also provided police with a 2-minute video in an attempt to prove his innocence. However, it raised more questions than it answered. The source of the publication Strana.ua in the Istanbul police says:

Ercan claims that, having entered the apartment, the dispute continued, he went to the bathroom, and the girl ran out onto the balcony and hung on the railing. And that he tried to save her, grabbed her hand, but she slipped out, fell down and broke. On the video that he recorded, only the girl’s hands are visible and she can be heard screaming the guy’s name: “Burak, Burak”, he replies “Come here”, then she screams “Please!” (Please! – they spoke in English). This was her last word. The video shows the moment of the fall. The question is why Ercan was recording the video instead of pulling the girl out. Drugs were found in their apartment. Burak assures that his girlfriend had tried to commit suicide before, tried to cut her veins. He himself was detained on suspicion of premeditated murder (the article may be re-qualified).

About Angelica Srabyants, a graduate of the Sumy Academy of Banking, it is known that in Turkey she worked as a model and traveled a lot. In May, the girl was vacationing at the expensive Lujo hotel in Bodrum, famous for the fact that Ukrainian President Zelensky stayed there after his election victory. A year ago, the model visited Bali and Paris.

Friends and acquaintances of Srabyants are shocked by her death. Her friend Julia says:

She was very bright and kind. He and Burak had a great love, I cannot believe that he was involved in her death. As well as I can not believe that she herself could jump out, she too loved life, travel.

And the model’s boyfriend is blamed for the death of the girl on social networks, leaving appropriate comments on his page. Turk Yaman Ozturk, for example, wrote: “I would like you to love a woman as much as you love animals.”

This is the third incident with Ukrainian girls in Turkey over the past year. In January, Kristina Novitskaya was found dead, and in August Daria Kirilyuk was brutally beaten, as her boyfriend Baran Gunesh was suspected of.

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