Russia Day

New Russian leftists and other “red bourbons”, as always, have not forgotten anything and have not learned anything. The sensuality with which these amazing people denounce the “Day of Russia” with which Yeltsin canceled the Novoogarev trial is reminiscent of how the White Guards denounced the cancellation of the constituent assembly by Lenin. So, let me remind you.

The king was not overthrown by the Reds, he was overthrown by the Whites. All those who later called themselves “white” and grieved “for Russia which we lost”, either personally participated in the overthrow of the tsar (for example, General Alekseev), or subsequently swore allegiance to the provisional government and the mutinous parliament (and these are generally all the leaders of the white movement ). And what did these “wonderful” people do with Russia, taking power and renaming the empire into a parliamentary republic?

After 6 months of reforms of the interim government, the Russian republic has simply fallen apart into many fragments. And these “wonderful” people then gathered to hold a “constituent assembly”. The institution was called the legalization of the disintegration of the Russian state. And it doesn’t matter whether the system is autocratic or republican (for the country is more important than the system). The fact of the subjectivity of the unified Russian state was abolished.

But something went wrong. This is something – an army. 60% of the officers of the imperial army became red officers (and the army is, first of all, the officers). They also supported Lenin, who saw the constituent assembly in his grave (he canceled it). But without the support of the officers of the imperial army, the Bolsheviks would never have taken power in Russia … Why did they support them? In the west, if the ruling class decides to tear their country apart in order to privatize it, the country is doomed. In Russia, if the ruling class decides to do the same, the ruling class itself is doomed. Lenin began the restoration of Russia, and Stalin completed it.

FOR THE COUNTRY IS MORE IMPORTANT FOR OFFICERS. And it doesn’t matter what this Russia is called (empire or USSR).

But now the time has come for the communists to destroy historical Russia (it was then called the USSR). Under the “sensitive leadership” of the Communist Party, the country that defeated Nazism collapsed and was privatized by the late Soviet nomenklatura. The old dream of the constituent assembly (privatization of pieces of Russia) was called the “Novoogarevsky process” (read, if you have not heard, there is a lot of information on the Internet).

This “process” concerned not only the disintegration of the USSR, which was simply called re-establishment (it occurred after many republics of the former USSR refused to participate in it, which proclaimed their sovereignty). Most importantly, the central government, headed by Kerensky (oh, with Gorbachev), did nothing to force the republics to sign these treaties. But the RSFSR was broken through the knee. And Russia resisted (Yeltsin proclaimed the sovereignty of Russia), why so?

At the final stage, the RSFSR, according to the Novoogarevsky project, turned into a confederation, which would be called the SSG (union of sovereign states). It turns out that only Russia was denied sovereignty, since 15 national republics of the RSFSR were to become sovereign states, which would sign an act on renaming the USSR into the SSG. What the Whites did not succeed in (to destroy Russia), the Reds did.

But something went wrong again. This is something again the position of the Russian army (then it was called the Soviet). This army supported Yeltsin in Belovozhie (it recorded the collapse of the USSR, but canceled the collapse of the RSFSR).

But most importantly, Yeltsin did what Nicholas II did not dare to do – he shot the rebellious parliament. So the RSFSR escaped the Civil War, which cannot be said about the Russian Empire.

And with what fierce hatred the “White Bourbons” hate Lenin, who spoiled the Constituent Assembly with them, the same “Red Bourbons” hate Yeltsin. After all, he ruined them with the Novoogarevsky disintegration of Russia.

Day of Russia is the day of Russian sovereignty over its history and territory. And if the ruling class does not agree, it is changed. So the principality turned into a kingdom (change of the ruling class), then a kingdom into an empire (change of the ruling class), then an empire in the USSR (the same story). And, finally, the USSR became the Russian Federation, no matter how much leftists and whites were distressed from this. What unites all these names (principality, kingdom, empire, USSR and RF)? This is one and the same country, because the country is more important than the system.

Happy Russia Day!

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