How many years do Greeks receive a pension?

The statistics shed light on the actual state of affairs. Due to the increase in the life expectancy of Greek citizens, the time period from retirement to death has changed dramatically.

In particular, in 1969, an average of 10.2 years were received by men and 12.5 years – by women.

And in 2019, the corresponding figures were: 18.2 years – the period of time for which older men receive a pension and 21.7 – women.

As a result, presumably, since life expectancy will raise the age limit, they will begin to retire at 68 (in 2024). Research on pension reform leaves a window open for increasing the retirement age.

This will happen over the next 5 years. The retirement age will be 68 in 2024. The main parameter that will judge the increase in age limits is the change in life expectancy in the country, for which reference information is used.
Based on the calculated data, in 2036 the average retirement age will increase to 69 years, in 2045 it will increase by one year, reaching 70, and in 2057 – 71 years, and in 2066 it will reach 72 years.

The same recently published study reports that Greece’s population will decline from 10.729 million in 2018 to 8.453 million in 2070. In addition, the dependency index of older people (in relation to the working class, from the contributions of which the pensions of current retirees are formed) almost doubles in 30 years and, in particular, increases from 34.4 in 2018 to 63.4 in 2050, and then will decrease. to 58.4 in 2070. Life expectancy for men is also expected to increase from 79.0 in 2018 to 86.3 in 2070, and that for women from 84.1 in 2018 to 90.1 in 2070.

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