China: 4 more new coronaviruses are on the way

Chinese scientists have discovered new coronaviruses. So far with bats, but …

Research into the evolutionary origins of SARS-CoV-2 has led scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shandong University to discover 24 new coronavirus species in bats. The results of their research are published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Cell.

Samples of vital activity and saliva of 342 bats were used for the study. They were selected from 05.2019 to 11.2020. Over the course of the study period, scientists have identified more than 20 COVID-19 genomes and 4 coronaviruses, the characteristics of which suggest identity with the SARS-CoV-2 that caused the pandemic.

Researchers are convinced that viruses associated with SARS-CoV-2 are still circulating in bat populations – their bodies act as an excellent natural reservoir for pathogens that cause fatal diseases in humans. The scholarly publication states:

“In addition to bats and humans, coronavirus infection can infect many domestic and wild animals, including pigs, cattle, mice, cats, dogs, chickens, deer and hedgehogs.”

Earlier our publication talked about Indian “double mutant”… It was first described in October 2020. There are not even two mutations in it, but five or six, while two are especially “evil”. Double mutation can happen in two ways. The first is that one is simply formed in order, then the other. This is the standard version, and is quite slow. But there is also a quick way, when two viruses enter the same cell, exchange RNA elements with each other, and, accordingly, we get a hybrid version with two mutations at once.

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