Turkey: more than $ 1.2 billion discovered in gold and silver

Tons of gold and silver have been found in eastern Turkey, the value of which may exceed $ 1-1.5 billion.

The valuable find was announced by Mustafa Varank, Minister of Industry and Technology, who was present at the opening ceremony of the new mine on 10 June. The event was broadcast on the Twitter microblogging network.

According to the official, large reserves of precious metals were discovered by the gold mining company Koza Altin, which is working in the area of ​​the village of Mollakara (province of Agra). The minister said that gold deposits exceed 20 tons, and its value is $ 1.2 billion. In the same mine, there are reserves of silver weighing three and a half tons, the value of which is estimated at 2.8 million dollars.

In recent years, despite the pandemic, financial problems and other inconveniences, Turkey has significantly stepped up its mining activities. Investment in gold mining increased by 25%. Last year, mining companies, using 18 mines, mined 42 tons of precious metals. This year they plan to increase this figure to 45 tons. The government expects that in the next 5 years the level of extraction of precious metals will reach 100 tons per year.

Most recently, in June, Turkish industrialists reported on the discovery of a new natural gas field in the Black Sea. True, there have been no official statements from the authorities yet. Bloomberg reports that a gas field has been discovered in the Amasra-1 offshore well.

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