Stop issuing paper documents – the goal of digital government

The digital government minister said that, in addition to the start of vaccination of groups aged 25-29, another 37 thousand scheduled dates for vaccination were made yesterday by citizens of other ages.

Mr. Pierrakakis, speaking on television (ANT1), responded to criticism of citizens who do not find the opportunity to make an appointment immediately. “It has to do with the region of the country where they live and what kind of vaccine is available in their preferences (in relation to others). The vaccination queue will lengthen as new arrivals arrive. There is flexibility in setting a date for the vaccine, depending on which area you will be administering it in, since we do not know if you currently live in Athens or Sparta. “

What will happen to self-test tests in vaccinated
Kyriakos Pierrakakis mentioned the possibility that citizens who have received all doses of the vaccine will no longer pass the Self Test. “This is what we expect from the vaccination certificate debate. After the European Parliament voted for it, we have to consider regulations and frameworks in some countries, build a central line, ”he said.

Speaking about the Covid vaccination certificate, the minister said that a total of 350,000 certificates were issued this morning.

Digital work card
The Ministry of Digital Government will make a significant contribution to the creation of a digital work card that will enter the life of employees after the adoption of the labor law. “In the Ergani system, employers declare data through several registers. There is also an intangible recipe. So the employer and the doctor see our data, not the employee, the citizen. Shouldn’t the employee know that this concerns him, know what the employer says about him or what medications the doctor prescribes for him? A digital card will allow you to do this. We have to build the system like an “apartment building” in order to simplify “Ergani”. This will require a lot of procedures and documents. The digital card is the eternal request of ΓΣΕΕ. Nevertheless, step by step, everyone will be able to access the information that interests him. “

“Stop handing out papers”
The Ministry of Digital Governance has made a significant contribution to the fight against bureaucracy. Another one in the same direction is Internet access to obtain a certificate of secondary education.

“The issuance of relevant documents and diplomas has begun through the At the same time, the process will gradually cover universities. We need to stop distributing papers! Anyone who asks for information about me can, with my approval, open the system and get all the necessary data that is required at the moment, ”said Mr. Pierrakakis.

Finally, speaking about the EFKA, the minister described it as “the most difficult digital task of transforming the state.” According to him, as expected, the system should have been built in the form of a single organization (combining everything in itself), but so far this has not been done.

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