Privileges for the vaccinated: what and when

With the rapid progress of vaccination, the slowing down of the pandemic, and the elimination of recent restrictive measures, privileges or “opportunities” that fully vaccinated people can take advantage of have begun to prevail.

Although a few days ago, discussions and information about this “drop by drop” leaked into the media, recently the number of votes in the government raising this issue has been officially growing.

In essence, it was decided to announce a kind of “reward” for those who were vaccinated, thus helping to build the herd immunity wall faster and end the pandemic nightmare that has killed more than 12,000 people in Greece alone.

Government officials, as well as scientists who track the pandemic on a daily basis, have begun to highlight privileges that could be applied in the near future. After all, there are some citizens who are wary of the need for vaccination. Some believe that the so-called privileges for the vaccinated will serve as a “bait” for those who have not yet dared to get vaccinated.

Covid-free shops and taverns
“In the fall, no one will be able to prohibit, for example, an entrepreneur in the field of public catering from admitting only vaccinated people in his restaurant (cafe, tavern).” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ specific phrase caused a sensation as it could change the situation in the coming months.

Privileges in restaurants, and, according to information, in other public places such as cinemas and cafes, which was first introduced on the website, will be only part of the “package of benefits” for the vaccinated.

According to this package, the entrance to the above establishments will be free for those who have been vaccinated, and will be allowed for those who have not been vaccinated, only if they have negative tests (!).

The government, in cooperation with the Committee of the Ministry of Health, will discuss in detail in the next period how it can legalize the entrance to closed premises (halls) for fully vaccinated persons. There are many scenarios ranging from self-testing to free admission to various locations.

Some have suggested that fully vaccinated people can move around in the open air without the use of a mask. However, if accepted, this proposal will apply to the next period and only when a sufficient percentage of herd immunity has been formed, amid declining pandemic rates such as daily cases and intubated. But as soon as this discussion about privileges began, immediately large numbers of citizens rushed to sign up for the vaccine.

As for the benefit scenario for those who received 2 doses of the vaccine, the list will expand in the near future:

Allow free entry of vaccinated people into closed rooms (halls) of restaurants, etc. Self-diagnosis is not required every week. To facilitate travel in Greece and beyond. Visit various places such as stadiums or cultural events without prior testing.

“Weigh the benefits correctly”

“The list of privileges should be weighed very well so that the benefits can be widely used by those who have been vaccinated, but without harsh discrimination, followed by protests from people who have not yet been properly vaccinated or are still awaiting vaccination. it gave the impression of complete relaxation, “said Maria Theodoridou, chair of the National Vaccination Committee.

The opportunity for compulsory vaccination is open.
At the same time, the debate about mandatory vaccination is resumed, and Kyriakos Mitsotakis is announcing it for certain groups of the population, especially medical workers and staff in the care units of the elderly. As he recently said, first the bioethics committee will give an opinion, and then the government will make an appropriate decision, weighing all the data.

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