March 26, 2023

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Meet Grames. Nurse capable of caring for patients 24 hours a day

Nurse Grames is a new creation from the creators of Sophia the robot from Hong Kong. It was created for the care of conavirus patients.

Chinese scientists have developed and created a robot pilot project that is designed to care for the elderly and patients with COVID-19. It is planned to start mass production of the high-tech nurse in August, CNA reports.

Grames is very attractive in appearance – she has thick brown hair, Asian features and soft blue uniform of a paramedic. The nurse can communicate with patients in English and speaks several dialects of Chinese. A thermal imager is placed on the body of the robot girl, which accurately determines the patient’s body temperature, and artificial intelligence successfully copes with the diagnosis of the patient’s condition.

The invention of scientists is intended to facilitate the work of medical personnel in the difficult conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic and not only. It is expected to be in great demand. The cost of the robot is expected to be roughly comparable to that of a luxury car. However, as the number of models produced increases and the first hype falls, it will become more affordable.

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