€ 200 Voucher – Round Two: How to Apply for Laptops and Tablets

From today (June 10), you can once again apply for inclusion in the Digital Care program, which will allow you to receive a voucher for 200 euros for the purchase of a laptop and tablet. As announced, from today, beneficiaries can apply for the second cycle of the program. Applications can be submitted before the general end date of July 30. The second round applies to all potential recipients, even if they are not approved OPEC child benefit recipients. In particular, the beneficiaries are families with dependent or foster children, with an equivalent family income of up to € 6,000 per year, while children must be between the ages of 4 and 24 and study at one of the educational levels that qualify to participate in the program. The subsidized technology equipment can be a tablet, laptop, desktop computer and, if desired, some of the peripheral devices. How to apply Go to the website digital-access.gov.grto get information about the program before applying and find out if you are eligible. Log in to the app using the personal codes that you have in Taxisnet, and complete the registration of your data, additionally indicating your personal AMKA. Enter your mobile phone number to receive timely and confidential information from the program via SMS (for example, your check codes). Fill out basic information about the rest of the family, if required (for round B beneficiaries only). List for how many and for which of your dependent children you are applying for a check, and provide details of their schooling. Confirm your mobile phone number with a one-time password. Immediately check the outcome of your application and the number of checks you are entitled to. In exceptional cases, when electronic transition is not possible and verification of supporting documents is required, you will receive an SMS notification about the completion of the process.

Issue receipts and use them to purchase suitable equipment from one of the approved program providers.

Vouchers for 200 euros allow you to subsidize the purchase of the following categories of goods:

1. Category 1: portable tablets

2. Category 2: laptops.

• Subcategory 2.1: laptops,
• Subcategory 2.2: Chromebooks,
• Subcategory 2.3: 2 in 1 (laptops / tablets)

3. Category 3:

desktops (desktops, monoblocks)

4. Category 4: fixed computer peripherals (category 3 peripherals)

• Subcategory 4.1: computer monitor,
• Subcategory 4.2: mouse,
• Subcategory 4.3: computer camera,
• Subcategory 4.4: computer headset,
• Subcategory 4.5: computer speakers,
• Subcategory 4.6: computer keyboard

Selection criteria for family members

Voucher beneficiaries must collectively meet the following three criteria:

Criterion 1: Families with dependent relatives or foster children. Criterion 2: Family income up to € 6,000. Criterion 3: Some of the dependent children (or foster children) between the ages of 4 and 24 to participate in one of the programs acceptable for educational levels.

For the purposes of this program, the following individuals will be considered dependents:

all children from families from 0 to 18 years old, regardless of school education, dependents you are 19-24 years old who are studying at an appropriate level of education in Greece or abroad, children with a disability of 67% or more until the end of the age of 24.

Obligations and audits of beneficiaries

Beneficiaries are required to keep the equipment ready for demonstration during the two-year warranty period during any inspections that will be carried out. They are also required to keep the purchase document for review.
In the event of a breakdown or accident that renders the equipment unusable for repair / functionality, beneficiaries must retain the necessary evidence to support its original purchase. Resale of equipment during the 2-year warranty is strictly prohibited. The sample focused primarily on the ownership and maintenance of equipment purchased through the program grant. In addition, the eligibility of the beneficiaries and, in particular, the correctness and accuracy of their grant applications can be verified.

Penalties for violations

In case of refusal to participate in a scheduled audit or refusal to provide available data to the audit authorities, all outstanding payments to the supplier are suspended until he participates in the audit and provides the necessary information. In the absence of a response within four months, 100% of payments made to a specific supplier are considered overpaid. The refund of the indicated amounts with interest from the date of their payment is required in accordance with the provisions of the Code on the collection of state revenues.

In the event that, after an audit, results are found that indicate the rejection of specific vouchers and related payments, the corresponding amounts will also be considered unjustifiably paid. Overpaid amounts are recorded in a checklist and approved by the competent authority of the executing agency. Final verification is also considered an act of imputation. Refunds are made through the State Financial Service of the supplier responsible for the payment of income tax.

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