Self test in supermarkets and human rights

Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis announced the availability of self-test in supermarkets, stressing that there will be an announcement today or tomorrow.

Referring to the question of personal data so that citizens can pass a self-test, the minister said, “a citizen will choose for himself whether to provide his AMKA number or not.” As for the vaccination of employees in companies, the Minister of Development and Investments spoke about his contacts with the hotel owner.

“Yesterday a large hotel owner came to my office and raised the issue that a small part of the staff did not want to be vaccinated. We came to the conclusion that we must inform employees that for the safety of the company, everyone must be vaccinated, and those who do not want to be vaccinated must bear the consequences of their decision.

A business cannot be threatened with closure because an employee wants to exercise their perceived right not to be vaccinated. According to the current labor legislation, a company can fire an employee if he exposes the company (personnel and others) to potential danger, ”he said.

When asked whether this is an extreme measure, the Minister of Development and Investments replied: “I want to clarify. If an employee wants to endanger other fellow citizens and colleagues, there can be no complaints against him. If you intend to endanger others, your right. “

Mr. Georgiadis added: “As the President of the Republic said very accurately yesterday, the constitution does not guarantee protection to those who, by their behavior, endanger others.”

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