Priests are punished for Holy Communion with plastic spoons

By its decision, the Holy John Diocese “sent on vacation” two priests who performed Holy Communion, feeding the believers with the “blood of Christ” from disposable plastic spoons.

According to the TV channel Open, two incidents took place in the villages of Ioannina. One concerns a priest who took this step, citing measures to combat the coronavirus and who was sent on a three-month leave. The second incident concerns another priest, who also referred to the danger of a pandemic, confessed to what he had done and repented (but was still suspended for a month from service).

Both priests were summoned to the office of Metropolitan Ioannina (Μητροπολίτη Ιωαννίνων), where they were given recommendations in connection with the decision made by the Holy Synod.

“Since this is the Body and Blood of Christ, what are you afraid of?”
For his part, the priest Fotios Gavrielatos, speaking on TV Open, speaks of the inadmissibility of an act and “crossing the permissible boundaries.” “Holy Communion is the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ,” he said.

“Since this is the Body and Blood of Christ, what are you afraid of?” – emphasized the clergyman, to the statement of Akis Pavlopoulos, who, in particular, said: “We can be deeply religious and pray, but if we are in a crowded place without a mask, I’m afraid we will get infected anyway.”

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