Pakistanis tore clothes off girls on the beach, filming what is happening on video

The Athens City Court is considering the case of two accused of assaulting a 26-year-old girl on the beach in Agia Marina Koropi, where they, as part of a group of 6 people, tore off the girl’s clothes, broadcasting a video of the incident on the air.

The trial was postponed on the basis of a statement by the victim’s lawyer about important evidence so that the victim who reported the attack on her could appear in court and testify.

Earlier, based on the materials and the procedure preceding the decision to postpone the case, the prosecutor submitted a proposal to acquit two defendants who were accused of leaking personal data.

The arrested persons denied their participation in the fact that they attacked the girl, which is confirmed by the words of the victim. In their explanations to the prosecutor, the defendants stated that they saw four of their compatriots molesting the girl, but they themselves stood aside and did not interfere in anything, since one of them does not have legal documents to enter and reside in Greece.

What happened according to the victim

Describing what happened, the girl says: “I waited in the parking lot by the beach for five minutes, my husband went to the store for some things, and stood with his back to the beach. Then I hear some people screaming and laughing right behind me. I turned around, saw that unknown foreigners were filming me and was indignant why they were filming me. “

She then reported that the men rushed towards her and tore apart her blouse, continuing to broadcast the attack live. “They answered something in a language I don’t know and continued to film me. They were furious when I asked them why they were doing this. All six came very close to me and continued to shout and say different words in their own language. As I started screaming, they obviously got angry and tore my shirt while continuing to shoot the video, ”said the victim.

The girl screamed and her husband hurried to help her. The woman describes the moments of horror she experienced on a Sunday afternoon and emphasizes that although the incident took place on a crowded beach, none of those present helped either her or her husband. “Time stood still, and I really didn’t understand what was happening…”, the victim emphasizes, addressing the journalists of the mega TV channel.

“I felt helpless”

Apparently shocked and scared, the girl notes: “I don’t think I have felt worse in my entire life. You feel helpless in a situation with six people around you … you do not know what will happen next moment. ” At the same time, she seems convinced that “if her husband weren’t around, they would obviously have done something else because their mood was wild. I was lucky that my husband was there, and he quickly ran up to me to help. ”

According to the information provided, a police patrol and members of the DIAS team arrived at the scene of the attack and searched for and managed to catch two Pakistani citizens who were then taken to the local police station. The woman identified the two arrested as members of the group that attacked her, while authorities found that the perpetrators not only filmed the attack on the girl, but also broadcast it live on the website.

It is noted that the prosecutor’s office brought 2 Pakistanis to criminal responsibility for complicity and violation of personal data. According to the victim’s testimony, the detainees only watched and did not act against her, and they were not the ones who filmed her.

Police are investigating to find the other four participants who filmed the video and tore the victim’s clothes. In respect of these four persons, the prosecutor retained copies of the case file. After studying them, a decision will be made to start a preliminary investigation against unknown persons guilty of deliberate humiliation of the honor and dignity of an individual, expressed in an indecent form, as well as deliberate disclosure of personal data.

PS Remarkable are the actions of the prosecutor, who proposed to release illegal immigrants and release them to all 4 sides. It is no secret that such groups of young Pakistanis often attack young lonely women when they take walks in the townspeople’s recreation areas. And if the attack turns out to be sexual, then the victims are often afraid to say so.

Those clearly arrested knew their compatriots and may have even taken part in their entertainment. But they want to let them go (illegal immigrants!) … “Go on, guys, and go on,” the “Christianists” are already in jail …

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