Mitsotakis demanded compulsory vaccination of health workers

The Greek Prime Minister announced the compulsory vaccination in medical institutions and medical staff during his speech in parliament, in the context of the discussion covid certificate

Kyriakos Mitsotakis stressed: “Mass vaccinations have become the greatest medical success of the 20th century. The fact that scientists developed a vaccine in less than a year is the greatest scientific achievement. This is a miracle of science. Soon, the convictions that have been used by the state until now will be followed by an official position on the mandatory vaccination of health care workers and employees in nursing homes. The government will make decisions with sensitivity and clear public health priority. ”

Referring to the “opportunities” that were given to those who were fully vaccinated, he said that “the discussion will start soon and the official starting point is when everyone can get access to the vaccine they want. No one in the fall will be able to forbid a restaurant entrepreneur, for example, to say that he accepts only vaccinated people. I will once again call our fellow citizens for a new wave of vaccination, ”he added.

“It is sad that most intubated people are not vaccinated by choice.”

Speaking about the course of the pandemic in the country, the Prime Minister stressed that the number of cases and the number of patients who are treated by intubation are decreasing. “It is extremely encouraging now that the number of detected cases is growing rapidly and the number of hospitalizations is decreasing,” he said, adding, however, that “it is extremely sad that the vast majority of those in the intensive care unit are ours. fellow citizens who did not want to be vaccinated … This is something that should worry us all very much. “

“A month ago, we had more than 800 people on intubation. Today, less than 360, and, according to our estimates, this process of de-escalation will continue,” he said.

The Prime Minister went on to emphasize that this “de-escalation” is due to a fundamental reason – vaccination. The immunity wall is being built gradually, he added: “Today, a limited number of cases concern young people who have not yet been vaccinated and are usually asymptomatic. More than 2.3 million people are fully vaccinated. 1% of the population is vaccinated every day. “

This is, as the Prime Minister put it, “an unprecedented pan-Greek project” and deserves “a medal for those who took part in Operation Eleftheria.” Of particular note is the Blue Freedom plan, which expands the scope of the covid certificate. “

However, he stated, “There are areas that are lagging behind in terms of vaccination rates. I ask everyone to help, so that citizens increase their participation, so that we do not have lagging behind. Soon, everyone will have access to the vaccine they want. This is the only way to exclude the 4th wave of coronavirus, “the prime minister emphasized and added:” In the future of Greece, there can be no skepticism towards science and its own good. “

“Digital cofid certificate is a tonic injection for the economy”

With regard to the digital covid certificate, the prime minister spoke of a project that “will make a special contribution to efforts to ensure that tourism is the first to open a recovery cycle for the entire Greek economy this year”.

“Since now the way out of the crisis is clear, we are gradually entering an era of recovery,” the Prime Minister said. “If vaccination is the antidote to coronavirus, then for our health, the digital certificate was the first tonic injection for the economy. We were the first to suggest this. The Athens offer is the reality of Europe, ”added Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

“Let me remind you that we were at the forefront of initiatives at other levels as well,” the Prime Minister continued, explaining that Greece “was one of the first countries to use self-testing”.

“I want to remind you that it was Greece, along with seven other European countries, that identified in March last year the need for a serious European economic response to the recession caused by the coronavirus. The result is the Recovery Fund, ”he said.

In addition, he stated: “We seem to have the potential to turn challenges into opportunities. This concerns the huge progress in the digitalization of the state machinery as a whole. Issuing a European certificate is extremely easy. More than 230,000 of our fellow citizens have used it ”.

At the same time, he stressed: “We are not talking about those who have legitimate concerns about personal data. This is the answer to the situation we are forced to face. This paves the way for freer communication between citizens and the resumption of economic activity. It is a solid bridge in the post-like era. “

“Discussion of possibilities for full vaccination soon”

Responding to criticism of vaccines, Kyriakos Mitsotakis emphasized: “The greatest medical success of the 20th century was mass vaccinations. I must say this emphatically. The fact that we developed vaccines in less than a year is the greatest scientific achievement. This is a miracle of science. Soon, the beliefs that have been used by the state until now will be followed by an official position on the mandatory vaccination of health care workers and employees in nursing homes. The government will make the decision with special attention and clear priority in the area of ​​public health. ” Referring to the “premises” that have been provided to the fully vaccinated, he said that “discussions on the possibilities will begin shortly and the official starting point is when everyone can have access to the vaccine they want.

“Have substantial support in the tourism sector”

“I believe that the European certificate is the key to tourism,” he said. “We must treat this not only as development with a sign of health, but also as an action with strong social and economic impact. Substantial support is needed in the tourism sector.”

At the same time, referring to the tourism support program, he noted that “a few days ago, an emergency program was announced that would support, with a working capital of 420 million, all actors in the sector. Almost 0.5 billion euros will be channeled in direct subsidies, mainly to small and medium-sized enterprises. This is a new action compared to the previous one, aimed at maintaining focus. “

The prime minister then referred to the opposition’s position, saying: “With this data, the hope for an end to the pandemic should turn into the beginning of a new national agreement. The challenges of the future do not confront the challenges of the past. I would urge all opposition to move forward with the entire country. I do not forget that winter passed in small talk. Sometimes with the risk of protest, sometimes with devaluation of even the vaccine itself. It is known that even the covid certificate itself is ridiculed as evidence of superficiality and incompetence. “

Continuing the attack on the opposition, the prime minister stressed: “The continuation showed who is capable of politics and who is a pitiful observer from the stands. Let’s put an end to them. To teach us and change us. “

“Greece has the second largest NSRF disbursement in Europe”

“A vaccine that will constantly protect public health, the correct application of the certificate and Greece plan 2.0. Reforms in our country have never stopped,” continued Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

“Overcoming the challenge is now the starting point for big changes with a 10-year horizon. Greece will pay out almost 7 billion euros in 2021, ranking 2nd in Europe for the use of NSRF. “

Concluding his speech, the Prime Minister stressed: “We have every reason to be optimistic about the path that is opening before us. Finally working together towards the compass of tomorrow. We are turning the page of the pandemic and starting to write the page of prosperity. “

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