Dinosaur found in Australia turns out to be a new herbivorous species – the Southern Titan

The giant dinosaur, whose remains were found in Australia in 2007, turned out to be a new species, and the largest ever found on the continent. His height is 6.5 meters, and his body length is 30 meters.

That is, the size of the discovered animal can be compared to a basketball field, while its head could be at the level of the roof of a two-story house. Scientists named it “Australotitan” or “South Titan”. The Titanosaurus is one of the 15 largest dinosaurs that have ever lived on our planet.

According to AMPE, the first fossilized parts of the Australotitan cooperensis skeleton were discovered in 2007 in southwestern Queensland, in the Eromanga region. The excavations that began then continue to this day. And all these years, scientists have been working to identify the find, which was complicated by the state of the bones and their location. However, by scrupulously comparing parts of the discovered skeleton with previously found species of giant reptiles, the researchers identified a close relationship between Australotitan and three sauropod species – Vintonotitan, Diamantinosaurus and Savannasaurus. All of them, according to the BBC, roamed the Green Continent during the Cretaceous period, about 92-96 million years ago.

Sauropods are herbivorous dinosaurs that are known for their unusual size. They have very long necks, small heads, long tails, and thick columnar legs. Their weight reached 70 tons. Experts believe that Australotitan is a herbivore. Scientists announced the results of studies of unique fossils in the scientific journal PeerJ, according to the New York Times.

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