Vacation tours to Russia for foreigners

A tourist product that is relevant in our time, offering vaccinations for foreigners in Russia, is almost ready – it remains to resolve issues with visa support. The cost of the tour will be from one and a half to 2.5 thousand dollars (excluding flights).

The details of the unique tourism product were announced by Andrey Ignatiev, President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry. He is confident, reports TASS, that the offer will be popular and in demand:

“Tour operators were ready to organize vaccine tours at the beginning of the year, such requests were regularly received by travel companies from all over the world. The product is already ready, but it is necessary to resolve the issues of visa support and legal entry for foreigners wishing to receive the Russian vaccine. 1.5-2, 5 thousand dollars while staying in Russia for 21 days without a flight. “

Ignatiev believes that a special vaccine tour to Russia, first of all, given the success of the vaccination campaign in Europe, will interest the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America:

“The countries of Africa and Latin America showed great interest in such a tourist product during the entire period of vaccination in Russia, the PCT received such requests.”

The President of the PCT notes that in a pandemic, when for more than a year the inbound tourist flow in the country has been at a zero level, such 3-week tours can be good support for the industry and contribute to its gradual recovery. Ignatiev explains:

“This is a combination of vaccinations with a cultural and excursion program, which can be made very interesting by capturing different regions of Russia. Another option is a two-week trip, there are also such requests.”

As you know, 4 vaccines against coronavirus have already been registered in the Russian Federation: the most popular Sputnik V, Kovivak, Epivakkorona, Sputnik Light. The first of them was registered on August 11, 2020.

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