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The foundations and implementation of the digital work map, one of the pillars of the new labor bill, was the focus of the meeting between Labor Minister Kostis Hattsidakis and Digital Government Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis.

According to the information note, the electronic work card provides: An innovative tool for monitoring undeclared work. Guaranteed to keep employees working hours and pay for overtime work in accordance with the rules. Helps to avoid unfair competition from law-abiding companies by those who practice “undeclared” or “open” practices. The digital work card also makes labor inspection inspections transparent and objective, and is the key to fair implementation of reforms such as the right to disconnect from teleworking, regulation of working hours, and equalization of overtime in industry and services. The use of the digital map is a constant request of the GSEE, which is being granted today. The investment in the digital map in its full form will be included to finance the recovery fund so that it can be implemented as soon as possible. Its implementation will be started by large companies that already use timing systems for employees, usually electronically, and will gradually expand across the market.

Three stages of implementation

The system will be implemented in three stages:

First, during the year, employees will have electronic access to all information registered in the ERGANI system regarding their work activities. By the beginning of 2022, the “matrix” of the work card will be ready, that is, an electronic system for obtaining information that will be digitally entered by employees and employers. At the same time, a number of bureaucratic procedures are being canceled in order to facilitate the work of employees and companies. In the first half of 2022, the implementation of a digital work map will begin with monitoring real employment in specific sectors of the economy.

How it will work

The architecture of the system is designed in such a way as to ensure the possibility of mutual control of the declaration of working hours, overtime work, etc., both by employees and employers, with the help of “devices” that exclude irregular declarations. This eliminates the possibility of abuse on the one hand or avoiding work on the other.

A digital card will not necessarily be a physical card like those that are already available today to many companies implementing time attendance systems. It can be a mobile application and a program on the company’s computers, which are connected with the “ERGANI” PS. Of course, timing systems, if they exist, will be supported and connected to the new system to operate digitally.

The briefing note also notes that:

The system will display all statutory restrictions on overtime, daily rest hours, etc., as required by law to ensure the safety of employees and employers. The system will have restraints to prevent “incorrect” operation. Salaries will also be displayed on an hourly basis. At the technical level, there will be forecasts for all special conditions recorded during the consultation, such as indicative work performed outside the company office, business trips, emergency leaving of an employee for personal reasons, etc.

How the checks will be carried out

Operational information PS ERGANI on working hours is an important tool for immediate and effective control. Labor inspectorates, before checking in each company, will have a complete and detailed list of employees who must be at the facility. Thus, for example, if the employer asks the employee not to “click” on the card at the moment of starting work or to declare that he has finished while remaining at work, the control will be immediate and objective.

As a reminder, the law establishes the labor inspectorate as an independent administrative body with operational, administrative and financial independence, which will operate in accordance with the AADE and national transparency management standards.

It is also worth noting that the conclusion of the labor inspectorate on disputes justified by an electronic work card (for example, accrued claims, vacation pay) can be immediately used to issue a payment order from the court, the information note says.

What Hatzidakis Said – Pierrakakis

“The digital work card is a revolution in the labor market. GSEE request that is implemented by the government. This is a guarantee of compliance with the employee’s work schedule. For observance 8 hours. Overtime. For settlement. This is a modern electronic mechanism, innovative for European data, ”K. Hatzidakis said.

“We will work with the Ministry of Digital Government as soon as possible, from theory to practice, in three steps, so that from time to time the digital map becomes a reality for both employers and employees. “Of course, we started cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Government, which covers other issues of the ministry, such as EFKA and the rapid assignment of pensions,” he added.

“We work closely with the Ministry of Labor, Minister Kostis Hattsidakis and his team. “Today we discussed in detail the digital working map,” said Mr Pierrakakis, adding:

“As the minister said, these are big changes in the labor sphere. This is at the heart of what we usually think: using digital technology can empower citizens, can help a country change its level. Of course, our cooperation concerns not only the digital work card, as the minister also mentioned, we pay great attention to the payment of pensions, at EFKA we have put forward many issues that we will consider together. And finally, let’s just say that this government believes that digital is fundamental, reduces inequality, helps a working Greek, parent, expatriate, taxpayer. And that is why we will continue to implement such decisions ”.


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