Herniated disc – causes, symptoms and treatment without a scalpel

Herniated disc is a common disease that not only causes suffering, but can also cause many serious complications. Very often, such patients are referred for surgery, but there is a much more effective method, without a scalpel and medications – non-invasive reduction, or manual therapy.

What is a hernia of the spine

In the risk group for the onset and development of pathology, patients with postural disorders and scoliosis, with a lack of certain vitamins and with obesity, elderly people, in whom the intervertebral cartilage undergoes inexorable age-related changes.

To understand what a herniated disc is, you need to remember the anatomy. The spine is a long chain of 32 vertebrae, which, depending on the position, are divided into cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral and coccygeal. Intervertebral discs are located between the vertebrae, softening friction and acting as a kind of shock absorbers. The discs that provide flexibility to the spine are a nucleus pulposus surrounded by an annulus fibrosus. Under the influence of some factors – injuries, excessive physical exertion and others – the fibrous ring bursts and the nucleus pulposus “flows” from the disc. It is the result of this process that is called an intervertebral hernia.


Three parts of the spine out of five can become the site of a vertebral hernia – cervical, thoracic, lumbar. Depending on the location, it manifests itself in various symptoms:

hernia of the cervical spine – dizziness, headaches, pressure drops, numbness in the fingers and pain in the hands; hernia of the thoracic region – pain in the region of the heart and shortness of breath; lumbar hernia – pain in the legs and lower back, numbness in the groin and toes.

Traditional treatment

Conservative methods of treatment, traditionally offered by a doctor, help to cope with the symptoms of the disease, but, alas, they are not able to eliminate its cause. Among the main methods are anti-inflammatory drugs that improve microcirculation of blood flow and reduce muscle spasms, acupuncture, physiotherapeutic methods.

Surgical treatment removes the cause of the disease. The doctor may prescribe one of the most effective methods in this case:

microdiscectomy – removal of a lumbar disc herniation through a small incision without damaging the bone structures; microdiscectomy and stabilization of the spine at the cervical level – removal of the hernia with the implementation of stabilization of the spine at the level of the affected segment; puncture techniques, such as cold plasma nucleoplasty. It allows you to remove part of the nucleus pulposus while preserving the annulus fibrosus. The operation is low-traumatic and is performed under local anesthesia.

How the skill of a chiropractor can cope with a hernia of the spine

A hernia is the source of a vicious circle for a number of pathological processes: inflammation, blood congestion and edema put pressure on the nerve roots, causing severe pain. An additional source of pain can be the developing subluxation of the joints located between the processes of the vertebrae. Muscles, ligaments, tendons located nearby react to pain, resulting in biomechanical changes in the spine, which is bent.

To break the global process, the chiropractor restores the normal position of the vertebrae, normalizing the impaired biomechanics of the spine and eliminating subluxations. As a result of this effect, the hernia dissolves. In this case, the treatment takes place without any medication, only by the skillful and sensitive hands of a specialist.

Some of the methods are based on the methods of treatment of the famous hereditary bone-setter and doctor Kasyan. At the same time, a good chiropractor is not only about knowing special techniques. This is a long training session, excellent knowledge of neurology and, what is especially important, special hand sensitivity, which is not given to every specialist.

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