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Greece: security measures to be introduced from May 7

New safety measures for travelers take effect from 6 a.m. on June 7. They were announced by the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Anti-Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias during a regular press conference.

In particular, the following changes to the rules were announced:

All travelers entering Greece from the age of 6 are required to do a PCR test in accordance with European Union circulars and IATA regulations. In the case of a positive test in a random check carried out in Greece, the infected are required to isolate for a period of 10, not 14 days. Allow entry with 72-hour PCR or vaccination certificate from Montenegro without restrictions. Allow outbound tours in groups of 20 instead of the current 15.

Travel by ferries and passenger ships

The electronic health declaration was introduced for passenger ships on 4 June. All travelers are required to complete it before boarding passenger coasters and ferries when traveling from mainland Greece to the islands and vice versa.

Health declaration for sailing trips:

Must be completed by all adults (18+) wishing to travel by boat in Greece. This statement applies to all travelers, both Greek residents and foreigners. The application must be made 24 hours before each flight. All form fields are required. If the trip involves a change of boat, the traveler must complete a separate health certificate for each leg of the journey. When boarding the ship, the traveler must have with him a completed health certificate electronically (on his mobile phone / tablet) or printed and show it to the ship’s personnel who check the tickets. Without a health certificate, no traveler will be allowed on board the ship. Each traveler, by providing a physical address and email address, can register up to 4 declarations per day at the port of embarkation, so in addition to his own declaration, he can also register declarations for 3 more adult family members. Minors (under 18 years of age) are included in the parent’s or guardian’s medical certificate. The form must be filled out in Latin letters. The information on the form must be completed as shown on your ID / passport and on the ship’s ticket.

The application is available at website of the Ministry of Shipping

► Its submission will continue to be possible in paper format for those travelers who cannot use the electronic version.

You can download the form at website of the Ministry of Shipping (in Greek). For foreigners, an option in English is offered: Health declaration / form

In the form itself, in addition to personal data, including the phone number, the name of the shipping company, the name of the vessel and the seat / cabin number, the passenger must also answer 10 questions about his health, possible contacts with carriers of Covid-19, etc.

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