Bulgaria: organs of Ukrainians and Moldovans were sold to the rich

For two years, the rich from Israel, Japan and Oman bought and received in Bulgaria the internal organs of poor Ukrainians and Moldovans.

The Bulgarian government officially announced organ transplants of citizens of Ukraine and Moldova to wealthy foreigners who were passed off as their relatives.

Bulgarian Health Minister Stoiko Katsarov claims that over the past two years, at least 14 liver transplants have been performed on living donors. All of them were carried out in one of the state hospitals in the country.

All donors were from Ukraine or Moldova. The organs were received by citizens of richer countries – Israel, Oman or Japan.

At the same time, the donors were registered as “nephews” of their rich “uncles” in the documents, but the Bulgarian Ministry of Health discovered that the recipients of the organs were registered under false names, so there is “every reason to believe that they are not relatives.”

It should be noted that the family relationship between the transplant participants is a prerequisite for carrying out such an operation in Bulgaria.

Journalists note that this is the first time that the Bulgarian government has confirmed rumors about “black transplant”, although it fears the international resonance that this scandal may receive.

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