The lawyer of the 11-year-old Ioanna’s family disagrees with the girl’s version of the suicide

“I do not agree that the child committed suicide,” said a lawyer for the mother of 11-year-old Ioanna, who died in Chania. The lawyer believes that there is a possibility that the girl will be killed.

The lawyer Apostolos Litras believes that the statements of some of the girl’s classmates about the supposedly place where Ioanna said goodbye to them before her death do not correspond to reality. The child’s mother, he said, declares that there are no reasons for suicide. Mr Litras says:

“All her classmates and teachers talk about a happy child, about the soul of the company. According to her mother, the child lived at home and never left. How did she get there, how? The child had no reason to commit suicide. Phone not found. Telephone secrecy has not been canceled. “

As our publication wrote earlier, an 11-year-old girl was found dead at the foot of the stone slope to the beach near the church of Agios Apostolos. She left the house on Tuesday at about 8 pm to go for a walk, but she never returned. The surveillance camera spotted a child who passed near the traffic lights of the “Gold Coast” and headed to the sea, for an alleged walk along the “Aptera” beach. In her hands, the girl carried a package from a local supermarket. According to the information, she bought some of the groceries before heading to the place where her body was later found.

Examination and forensic examination ruled out a violent cause of death, however, judging by the testimony, this is not an accident. During the autopsy, carried out by the forensic scientist, it was found that there were no traces of sliding along the cliff, Ioanna fell perpendicular to the stones. She has head injuries, and eyewitnesses to the incident saw a girl standing on the edge of a cliff.

During the investigation, the police had lots of questions, the main of which are: under what circumstances the child left his home and why so late, after many hours of her absence, the disappearance was reported.

The father of the deceased girl is very upset by her death. He even tried to jump off a cliff in the same place where John found her death, as shown in the video footage of the MEGA channel. After that, the prosecutor decided that the man should be placed in a psychiatric clinic for medical assistance. Whether he will take special medications is the prerogative of doctors.

John’s father filed an application in court, where he accuses his ex-wife of neglecting the proper care of the children and is seeking custody of them. Given the facts that known about the man at the moment, he is unlikely to achieve his goal.

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