Spain: male teachers donned skirts

A school teacher in a skirt does not surprise anyone in Spain anymore. And least of all – his students. A massive campaign is under way in the country to combat gender stereotypes. It was initiated by the mathematics teacher Jose Pignas.

According to the Daily Mail, the teacher launched the Floorless Clothes movement last fall. This was in response to the unfair exclusion of his student Mikel Gomez from school and the referral of a 15-year-old teenager to a psychologist, due to his appearance in school in women’s clothing.

The teacher who disagreed with this decision posted a photo on social networks, where he poses against the background of a chalkboard in a white skirt and a black jumper. The caption under the photo read:

“20 years ago I was bullied and insulted for my sexual orientation at the institute where I now work. Many teachers ignore this problem. I want to join the case of Mikel’s student, who was expelled and sent to a psychologist for coming to class in a skirt. “

The excluded Gomez became an active TikTok user. He talked about what happened to him and received a lot of support. Young people posed for photos and in commercials, dressed in women’s clothing, and published them in solidarity with Gomez.

A similar incident happened last month at another Spanish school – one student was brutally bullied over a T-shirt with an anime character graphic. Two teachers decided to support him – from now on, 36-year-old Borja Velakes and 37-year-old Manuel Ortega come to work in skirts. The latter wrote on the social network under the published photos:

“A school that is raised with respect, diversity, coeducation and tolerance. Dress how you want! We are joining the #clotheshavenogender campaign. “

Teachers noted the positive impact of changing their image on student behavior. They are convinced that in schools condemnation because of the appearance is unacceptable, and it is time for the leadership of each educational institution to seriously tackle this problem.

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