Four metal “trees” were installed in the center of Athens to purify polluted air

Four strange metal objects that were installed in Omonia Square in the center of Athens, according to the developers, will purify the air in the same way as thirty living trees.

In collaboration with the Municipality of Athens and its Take Your City project, Politis Technologies has installed air purification devices in a recently renovated historic square in the center of the Greek capital. It is reported that the installations will change the air for the better and help fight pollution.

According to a press release from the company, Omonia Square was not accidentally chosen as the site for the equipment. Due to the high concentration of particulates from the continuous flow of vehicles and tall buildings around the perimeter that trap pollution (Street Canyon state), the quality of the atmosphere in the square leaves much to be desired for drivers, pedestrians, employees and visitors to the area.

The installed four innovative systems use special filters “Pamares”, which are placed on the posts and have the ability to bind suspended microparticles.

Their patented technology guarantees efficient operation, at the same time they have a very low consumption (18 W), are completely safe for people and animals, and operate almost silently (max. 30 dB).

Citing scientific research, the press release claims that trees with a diameter of 300-450 mm bind about 140 micrograms of suspended microparticles less than 10 micrometers in size per hour. That’s 0.4 grams per day. The Pamares device is capable of binding 3 grams of the corresponding particles per day! Thus, each device corresponds to approximately 7.5 mature trees.

The four devices placed around Omonia Square give the effect of a total of 30 trees growing on the square.

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