Priest arrested for killing a kitten

Police arrested an 88-year-old priest for killing a kitten with a metal stick and throwing it into a trash can. Upon learning of the severity of the charges, the elderly man nearly died himself.

An 88-year-old man, a former parish priest in the city of Volos, has been charged with a criminal offense and fined € 30,000.

While at the police station, the elderly man felt unwell after being informed of the charges against him. He stated that he had “heart problems” and is now under guard at the Volos hospital.

how report local media, the priest killed the kitten with a metal stick, put it in a plastic bag and threw it into the trash can. The incident took place on Sunday afternoon in front of a young man who reported it to a friend he trusted. This man, the priest’s neighbor, reported the brutal murder to the police.

The officers found the pensioner at home, handcuffed the former priest and took him to the police station. The publication reports that the killer of the kitten will have to testify when his health condition allows him (unless, of course, he dies earlier).

The arrest delighted the members of the animal welfare association, which also welcomed a conscientious citizen who denounced the priest to the police.

Meanwhile, in the town of Pyrgos Ilias in the south of the Peloponnese, another priest was arrested for mistreating his donkey. The animal was noticed by a woman, judging by the comments, a passionate animal lover, who at first thought that the animal had no owner. The donkey walked with difficulty, as its hooves were uncut for several years.

The commentators of the video demanded severe punishment, and some even the execution of the owner of the animal, so that others would be discouraged.

We will remind, in February 2021, the Greek parliament approved new provisions in the pet protection law, which sharply increased the penalties for murder and mockery of animals, making these articles a criminal offense.

The new law has practically equalized the rights of people and animals, giving the latter so many rights that people may envy some.

5 internationally recognized “animal freedoms” are now also included in the law:

The right to satisfy hunger and thirst (freedom from hunger and thirst). The right to get rid of pain, disease and wounds (freedom from injury and disease). The right to be free from severe stress and fear (freedom from grief and suffering). The right to comfort (freedom from discomfort). The right to live in conditions as close to natural as possible (freedom to carry out species-typical behavior). …

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