Mykonos prepares for dock-like nightlife

The first signs of traditional nightlife in Mykonos have already begun to appear, despite the ban on music and parties, which the police mercilessly suppress through massive checks.

The famous bohemian island of Mykonos is still quiet, although tourism in Greece has been open for two weeks. In Chora, only the sounds of repair work in shops are heard, nightclubs remain closed, and the famous beach bars of the island, instead of loud music, “delight” guests only with the sound of the sea. However, Mykonos is poised to start its famous nightlife again, like it did in the era before the coronavirus pandemic.

In the medical center of the island, a waiting list for vaccinations is scheduled for the near future, and more than half of the residents have already received the first vaccination. Greek government in April launched Operation Blue Freedom (Blue Freedom), which aims to vaccinate the islanders on a mass scale in order to make them attractive to tourists.

According to the mayor of Mykonos K. Koukas, after the “lost” 2020, Mykonos expects the number of tourists to double this year. In fact, according to travel agents, despite the fact that there is a lot of interest in the island, this is how it ends. there are very few bookings so far

“The people of Mykonos were shocked to see the first group of 50 tourists arrive on the island after getting used to the thousands of visitors,” says Mr Koukas.

“Now our guests are asking 2 main questions: a) are all the inhabitants of the island vaccinated and b) can they have fun as before. And we tell them that from July everything will be almost as they expected, ”the CEO of a large tourism group on the island told CNN reporters. He even describes the vaccine as “the magic recipe for restoring nightlife” on the island.

However, today the island is still quiet. Any attempts to hold previous parties are mercilessly suppressed by the police, which have been significantly strengthened and replenished with new, mostly young (and zealous) employees who arrived from outside the island, “so that they do not have established contacts with the locals and do not come to an agreement with them.” … Something like this was admonished by the new police officers who were sent to the islands, Minister of Civil Protection Haris Theocharis at a recent press conference on measures to combat the pandemic in the tourist areas of Greece.

However, the first signs of pre-covid life in Mykonos have already begun to appear: megayachts have begun to arrive, champagne is poured abundantly in the famous beach bar, the bride-to-be from Germany is organizing a bachelorette party. True, without music and in masks, but someone needs to start …

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