EU announced its readiness to financially support the democratic transformation of Belarus

The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced the allocation of € 3 billion to Belarus and the readiness of the European Union to participate in accompanying its democratic transformation.

At a briefing in Brussels, an EC representative said:

The head of the European Commission announced the EU’s readiness to participate in accompanying the democratic transformation in Belarus. In her message, she notes a global plan for economic assistance to a democratic country in the amount of 3 billion. The goal is to enable Belarus to develop, stabilize its economy, reform and democratize its institutions, and stimulate economic reforms. This should make it possible to enhance economic stability and create new jobs.

The plan of economic support for “democratic Belarus”, according to the representative of the European Commission, contains loans and grants, and is estimated at 3 billion euros. It will be carried out with international financial institutions. The details are set out in the message that Ursula von der Leyen sent to Svetlana Tikhonovskaya:

In her letter, she noted the European Union’s comprehensive plan for economic support of democratic Belarus in the amount of up to three billion euros, which was presented today by the European Commission to the Council. This is a substantial investment plan, consisting of grants and loans … it will help the future democratic Belarus to stabilize its economy, reform its institutions to make them more democratic, support economic reforms. The EU will activate this plan as soon as Belarus begins its democratic transformation. It testifies to the fact that the European Union is on the side of the Belarusian people.

After the presidential elections in Belarus on August 9, 2020, in which Lukashenka won for the sixth time, who, according to the CEC, gained 80.1% of the vote, massive opposition protests started in the country. In February, the KGB of Belarus announced that the situation had stabilized, the peak of the protests had passed.

The opposition, against whose leaders criminal cases have been instituted, considers Tikhanovskaya the winner of the elections, initiates the expansion of international sanctions against official Minsk and the holding of new elections. Tikhanovskaya, who left for Lithuania, who is also a defendant in criminal cases, is included in the list of persons involved in terrorist activities; Minsk is seeking her extradition.

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